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An Online Lobby Is Now Available On The Dolphin Emulator!!

Developers of the Nintendo Wii/Game Cube emulator Dolphin just unveiled a new feature that is now available for users to try out. The Netplay Server Browser, as it is being called, gives you access to an online lobby where both public and private sessions can easily be broadcast for those interested in finding an online opponent without the need for going outside of the emulator to request matches.

The Dolphin emulator is home to several classic fighting game titles which includes Capcom Vs SNK 2, Tatsunoko Vs Capcom, and Super Smash Bros. Melee. To take advantage of this new addition, you will need to download the latest development build.(64bit only). Once you have installed the latest build, you just have to look under the tools menu where you will find the new feature titled “browse netplay sessions”.

Bear in mind that the feature is still in an experimental phase. It’s great to see the continuous support for this emulator and we certainly look forward to taking advantage of this latest feature in the near future. For additional information on this latest addition, head to the official post here. We also have an official page for the Dolphin emulator here.


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