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Arcana Heart 3: Love Max Six Stars!!!!!! Has A Kickstarter For PC!!!!!!

Examu, creators of the popular Arcana Heart fighting game, just recently launched a Kickstarter for their latest title in the series Six Stars!!!

Six Stars released in Arcades back in 2014 but never made its way to console or PC like the other games in the series. Because fans have been requesting a home port of this title, Examu is heeding the call with a plan to first make it available for PC/ Steam owners.

The home port of Six Stars will include online, story, and training modes just to name a few and the Link Animations feature ,which animates the fatigue of your characters during matches, will also be available in this new version.

For those not familiar with the series, Arcana Heart features air dashing mobility which includes their signature homing mechanic that puts you in pursuit of your opponent while in the air. Another unique feature of this title are the Arcana, elemental entities that grant your character specific abilities during combat making it an imperative part of the strategy when it comes to gameplay.

The initial development goal for Six Stars is $100,000. A $25 backing will net you a digital copy of this title while a $60 one will get you a physical copy. If Examu can supersede their original goals, there may be additional characters 3 of which were shown in a silhouette on the Kickstarter page.

If this looks like a fighting game you might be interested in or you are a fan of the series, don’t miss this opportunity to add another fighting game title to the PC’s growing library. Additional details and backer funding can be be found on the official Six Stars Kickstarter page.

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