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Arcana Heart Developers Examu May Kickstart Another Title!!

After the successfully funded Kickstarter for a home port version of Arcana Heart 3 Love Max Six Stars!!!!!! on Steam PC, Examu is considering doing a second crowd funding campaign for another one of their fighting game titles that some may not be as familiar with.

Demon Bride, AKA Daemon Bride in Japan, is Examu’s only fighting game title that never saw a home port release. Demon Bride released in 2009 for Arcade with an update 2 years later adding an additional character and balance changes.

Some what like Arcana Heart, players choose angel or demon archetypes to aid them in battle adding an assist element with frantic air dashing and zoning style gameplay. We suspect that we will hear more news about the possibility of this Kickstarter after the Six Stars funding campaign has completed. For now, you can check out this title on the popular A-Cho youtube channel and we have added a video below for you to take a look at the game. Bare in mind the quality from the feeds are not the best but you can at least get an idea of how the game looks and plays.

Source: Anime FGC News

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