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Are The Final BlazBlue Characters For Cross Tag Battle Revealed?!!

A new trailer for BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle reveals what may be the final characters making the cut from the BlazBlue roster:

The latest trailer reveals Tager, a mainstay of the BlazBlue series, Makoto, a character who became playable in the second game in the series, Nu 13, final boss of the first BlazBlue title in the series, and E’s, who originally came from a visual novel game and recently became a playable character in BlazBlue Central Fiction.

Previously, we suspected that there would only be one more character reveal bringing each universe character count to 7 based on the character select screens that we saw with the New York Comic-Con build. With this latest reveal however, the BlazBlue character count now comes up to 10!! This new information has certainly changed what we thought the original roster would be and makes us wonder if there are more BlazBlue characters to come.



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