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Arika Confirms New Fighting Game As Fighting Layer EX!!

If you thought Arika’s mysterious video was too elaborate to be an April fools joke like we did, then you stand correct as we have confirmed that this is in fact a new project that the company has been working on…the fact that they did not tell us was the April fools!!

As we mentioned before, a playable version of the game was going to be available at a disclosed location open to the first 30 people who showed up.

Capcom Cup’s 2015 champion Kazunoko was on hand to help show off the game and a live stream was also available as well.

The video above has around 2 hrs of gameplay giving us some insight into what this latest IP from Arika has in store. From what we gathered, players will start the round off with full meter and you can cancel super moves into each other just like in the Street Fighter EX series.

There are still a lot of questions about the new mechanics for this game like the three symbols that are shown in each corner for both players. We noticed that two of the available cast members were emitting some sort of fire effect on their bodies and that this was most likely in correlation to the highlighted symbol.

As far as we know, this new fighting game is being titled Fighting Layer EX.  This would officially be a sequel to another title that was never released out of Japan. The previous title featured a few characters that were introduced in Street Fighter EX among a cast of brand new characters.

We are definitely excited about this title and we will do our best to report back with new information once Arika delivers more details!!






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