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Arika Is Bringing Their New Fighting Game To EVO!!!

Some may have recalled our report back in April when Street Fighter EX developers Arika unveiled a new fighting game that many thought to be an April fools joke. This game in question featured three main characters from the EX series in the trailer which we added below.

From what we understand, Arika was looking for funds to develop the game and a lot of fans were excited about this game being a possibility. Yet and still Arika was pretty adamant about people not quite getting their hopes up about definite release and things went a bit quiet there after.

Yesterday, Mr. Wizard, tournament organizer for the Evolution Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada, took to twitter to let their attendees know that there was to be a big announcement and as you may have already guessed Arika is bringing a playable build of their yet to be officially named title to the big fighting game tournament!!!

Arika gave us a few details on their twitter feed¬†about what they have planned. Unfortunately EVO goers may have a wait ahead of them if they want to get their hands on this game as there will only be one setup available. The developers also mentioned their latest build will introduce the “GOUGI” system which they are hoping to get some feed back for during their visit.

The initial build of the game featured three symbols for both players. Our guess is that the GOUGI mechanic has a lot to do with this and we certainly hope that will get some screen time with the new build during this event. For now, we are just happy to see that Arika is continuing to work on this title and can’t wait to hear more about it in the future!!

If you had no plans on attending EVO this year, this may just be enough to make you reconsider but be quick about, registration will end today in just a few hours!!

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