Published on October 4th, 2017 | by thec0re3


Atom Shrinks His Way Into Injustice 2!!

A brand new character reveal was showcased during the season finale of Chasing The Cup giving us a big surprise with the latest Injustice 2 cast member:

Atom, who has the ability to both shrink and enlarge himself using a special technology created by the original Atom Ray Palmer, looks to have some interesting move sets as his ability to shrink in size seems to play a major role in the way you utilize him against an opponent.

The end trailer suggests that Atom will be available soon which certainly has us curious about his release date given the recent DLC coming from Fighters Pack 2. With there being only one more fighter left to release in the latest character DLC, we suspect Atom’s arrival will be first in the next Fighters Pack along with two new reveals though only time will truly tell.


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