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Blade Strangers Now Available!!

The final fighting game of a very packed summer is now available on PlayStation 4,  Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4:

Blade Strangers is a cell shaded cross-over collaboration brought to you by indie publisher Nicalis and Blade Arcus developer Studio Saizensen that brings in an all-star cast for a 1 vs 1 contest that is sure to make fans of each adored franchise very happy.

While it is obvious Blade Strangers features the stylish and brutal combos that fans of the genre have become accustomed to, a simple inputs system has been added for special moves making it even more inviting to those wanting to get in on the fun of using their favorite characters.

Blade Strangers features a nice selection of game modes that include a special ranked mode titled league which aims to improve the ranking system by adding players to different leagues based on skill level and resetting it every month to ensure those who are of the same skill level are always in the proper league.

We have created a new page which includes purchasing information and additional details.

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