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BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Coming In 2018,RWBY Guest Character, And More!!

Arc System Works just dropped a spectacular surprise bomb on us just a few minutes go after the BlazBlue: Central Fiction EVo 2017 Finals!!

The first announcement finally confirmed a character that many expected would be apart of the BBCF cast. Jubei(the last of the six heroes) will be making his was to Central Fiction as DLC this Summer!!

This would have been enough to make fans of the series happy but Arc System Works had something else in mind that literally sent us into literal overdrive. Check out the new trailer below:

BlazeBlue Cross Tag Battle will be Arc System Works first official cross over fighting game and looks to feature tag team and assist style gameplay. So far the trailer has revealed Hyde from Under Night In-birth, Yu Narukmai from Persona 4 Arena, and special guest character RWBY from the popular rooster teeth web series animation created by the dearly departed Monty Oum!!!

We will definitely keep an eye out for more information on this upcoming title and are through the roof with excitement about what this upcoming title has to offer!!!



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