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Crowdfunding Campaign For Trajes Fatais Now Available!!

A crowdfunding campaign for indie fighter Trajes Fatais has been launched on Kickante!!

Trajes Fatais has been in development for quite some time and the creators Onanim Studios are ready to roll out a crowdfunding campaign to complete this unique fighting game title.

Trajes Fatais takes a simplistic approach to inputs using one button and different directions for every attack used in the game. If TRAF meets their initial goals, backers will be able to choose from six playable characters all of which will have another variation known as B-side.

TRAF does promise an online multiplayer option in addition to extra modes as well. For those interested in this title, a playable beta is available to try for free.

TRAF will need to reach $34,285 in order to start development and there are stretch goals that include more characters and an extra attack button as well.

Trajes Fatais will initially release for PC but there are plans for other platforms which include console and mobile OSes.

Source: Kickante

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