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Dead Or Alive 6 Now Has A Free To Play Version Available!!

Two weeks after the official release, Koei Tecmo has now added a free to play version of Dead Or Alive 6:

Originally, Core Fighters, as it is synonymously known, was introduced with the previous title in the series and is making its return for the latest entry. The free to play version can be downloaded on all the available platforms though online play may have additional requirements like a PlayStation Plus membership. Core Fighters will offer four playable characters which include new character Diego and mainstay protagonist Kasumi. We believe characters will be changed out periodically but have no clue as to the time period for which this will happen.

This version also offers game modes that include training, arcade, and local versus mode just to name a few. We have updated our page with links to the free to play version. We certainly recommend you take advantage of this new edition especially if you are curious about this fighting game.


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