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Denki Bunko Fighting Climax Available Today!!

Sega has officially released the console version of DFC in Japan!! As luck would have it, the Japanese version of this game is region free and available for import. DFC gives fans of Denki Bunko’s manga and anime adaptations a chance to play with some of their favorite characters.



The playable roster for the console version comes up to 14 adding final boss Akira from Virtual Fighter and new comer Selvaria Bless from Valkyria chronicles to the cast.

The support cast totals out to 20 available characters which includes Osako Ryota from The Devil Is A Part Timer and Hidaka Rina from Black Bullet.

We have officially created a DFC page with additional info and have added the title to our import section. There hasn’t been much talk about DFC making its’ way to NA shores so we will have to continue to be patient for incoming news.

For those interested in some online competition, Unlimited Brett Works will be hosting a tournament this coming Sunday Nov. 16 5pm PST/ 8pm EST.(will be posting later on in the day)

We will be roaming the twitter feeds through out the day in search of tournament streams and possible casuals so follow us on Twitter for more info.

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