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Details About Dragon Ball FighterZ Shenron System Revealed!!

Bandai Namco just recently revealed details of what looks to be Dragon Ball FighterZ special game mechanic, the Shenron system. Fans of the Dragon Ball series should be very familiar with Shenron, the dragon who appears to grant one wish after the summoner has collected 7 dragon balls hidden throughout the world.

Arc System Works has taken this main theme of the popular tv series and implemented it into the Shenron system and things are looking to get a lot more interesting as a result. As we mentioned in a previous post, players will earn dragon balls based on their combo strings during the match. Once all 7 dragon balls have been collected, Shenron will appear and grant you one of four wishes as shown in the picture above.

The four wishes will work as follows:

Restore My Health

Your current character will have their full health bar restored if you select this wish.

Bring Back My Ally

Choosing this wish will bring back a fallen comrade recovering 50% of their health bar.

Give Me The Ultimate Power

Selecting this wish will boost your meter to the maximum amount.

Make Me Immortal

This wish will grant you a %50 health restoration and an additional auto energy gauge restoration.


Players can get their first taste of the Shenron system during the upcoming beta starting January 14th but Namco Bandai may just have a trailer showcasing this new feature before that time so stay tuned!!


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