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Dragon Ball FighterZ Gamescom Round Up!!

For those that do not know, Gamescom, a huge video game convention that takes place every year in Colonge, Germany, is underway and with it, a flood of new footage has released for Dragon Ball FighterZ!!

We have rounded up some game play footage of the game through various gaming media outlets and will be updating this post throughout the week as we come into contact with more so make sure and check back with us for my videos!!


Maximilian Dood Future Trunks Breakdown

As the the first character to be announced outside of the original 6 character reveal, there has not been much footage of Trunks outside of trailer revealed during EVO last month. Maximillian, who got the opportunity to try out the Gamescon build, will be providing character break downs starting with Future Trunks below:


Update: What Has Changed


IGN Gameplay Footage

IGN has provided a ton of game play footage, which features the newly announced characters, and even a sit down with a few of the DBFZ staff to talk about the game including details about the new online party mode!!


Prima Games Gameplay Footage


Update: Tales From The Loser’s Bracket: Dragonball FighterZ Hands On Impressions

Woolie, co-host from Friday Night Fisticuffs, and Rameo got a chance to try out the Gamescon build and gave their  overall impressions of the game which includes match footage.


Update: Dragon Ball FighterZ – Gamescom Livestream Recap

Maximilian, Woolie, and Rhymstyle played a few matches live on stream earlier as they talked more in depth and showcased the new characters featured in the Gamescon build…..a startling revelation was made in the process.

Update: Piccolo Breakdown ft. Rhymestyle

In this latest character breakdown, Rhymestyle goes over Piccolos capture setup style game play giving us a quick insight into the potential of the character.


Update: Android 16 Breakdown ft. Woolie

Woolie confirms what we kind of knew to be true, Android 16 is a hugger…or grappler to be more correct. In the video below, he shows off a few things that make Android interesting like his ability to connect two of his special grab moves and the menacing level 4 super that will instantly K.O. an opponent.

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