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E3 2017 Has Begun!! What We Know Thus Far!!

Sunday marked the official start of E3 2017 and already two reveals have got the ball rolling for what is looking to be an exciting week for fighting games in particular!!

Dragon Ball FighterZ

A new trailer was revealed at the Xbox E3 briefing giving us the first glimpse of this new Arc System Works title in action:

Following this trailer, a boat load of new gameplay videos have surfaced giving us more details on what to expect from this title. As we mentioned before DBFZ will feature 3 vs 3 team battles but we have now confirmed that it will feature tag team and assist style gameplay!! Players will get three playable characters during the match with a similar elimination format to the Marvel Vs Cacpom series.

We have already noticed a few interesting mechanics like the ability to create a wall bounce follow up for extending combos and another mechanic that looks similar to the dust system in Guilty Gear Xrd which switches the camera angle once you put your opponent in a special state. We also noticed that characters like Goku and Frieza had the ability to transform during matches something we believe is tied to their meter and possibly a super move of some sort.

A closed beta is on the way for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One scheduled for some time this summer so a few lucky owners will get a chance to try this game out before the release. We will be keeping an eye out for more information so make sure to check back with us periodically.

Blade Strangers

Studio Saizensen, the minds behind Blade Arcus From Shining, have revealed a new fighting game titled Blade Strangers. The title, which features an all-star cast from original Nicalis and Studio Saizensen ips, will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and PC!!

Unlike Blade Arcus, Blade Strangers features a new art style that takes 3D models and renders them with traditional 2D sprites. Blade Strangers will also feature a simple input mechanic that will not use the traditional motions that fighting players are used to. So far we know that an online mode will be available along with story, training, and mission modes as well.

We added the first featured game play for this title below and we will certainly be looking for more information about this title moving forward.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Video game website IGN got an exclusive look at the upcoming console version for Final Fantasy Dissidia! While not much was revealed in terms of game modes and features, the possibility of 3 vs 3 online battles was confirmed during the gameplay showcase.

We have added a video below timed in at 19:03 which details the gameplay mechanics and shows off a few of the popular Final Fantasy characters like Cloud from VII and Lightning from XIII!!

We have it on good authority that there is much more to come during this week and will be giving you a full run down of what you should be checking in just a few so stay tuned!!

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