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Ed Now Confirmed As The Next Street Fighter V Character DLC!!

After a bout of various leaks, we finally have an official reveal trailer and some detailed information on the the 3rd Street Fighter V season 2 DLC character, Ed:

Originally introduced in Balrog’s Street Fighter IV story, Ed has grown since his last appearance in the SFV story line and there is a…reason for this. The latest trailer reveals many of the traits that we thought Ed would poses as he wields Bison’s Pyscho power but has been under the tutelage of Balrog utilizing a boxing style which is making him look like quite the potential threat among the cast.

In addition to Ed’s move sets The latest blog reveals that Ed will be the first Street Fighter character to have “simple inputs”. ¬†Players will only be required to press simultaneous buttons, repeated button presses, or button charging to execute his specials though his Critical Art will still carry the traditional motion controls.

For those who are interested in giving Ed a go before his official release, there will be an opportunity!! Ed and other DLC characters will be available this week as apart of a 2nd free to play Beta test for the CFN improvements update. Both Playstation 4 and PC players will be able to participate in this Beta running from May 11th to the 14th!!

We are definitely both curious and excited about trying out the latest SFV DLC character as he looks like he will be loads of fun to play with!!

Source: Capcom-Unity

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