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FGO Release Round Up!!

As we ended the month with a release round up, we will do in kind at the start of this month with a few more titles that should be on your radar today!! Keep in mind that some titles have yet to be unlocked or added to their respective stores so check back periodically throughout the day as we update our pages.

Skull Girls 2nd Encore


Skull Girls has finally made it’s way to the Playstation 4 and Vita with this new release. This latest version of SG  features new game modes and all the recently released DLC characters including the final indiegogo backed character Robo-Fortune!!

2nd Encore will also be cross play and buy compatible across all three playstation consoles(Also PSTV compatible)!! We’ve created an official page with more detailed information about this great indie title!!

Yatagarasu Attack On Cataclysm


After a long and hard indiegogo backed development, the latest version of Yatagarasu is now available for purchase on Steam!! AOC includes 3 new characters, new backgrounds, english announcers, effect enhancements, and balance changes for the rest of the cast!!

While the promised GGPO netcode integration is not available at the moment, there is still a multiplayer online option available for the mean time but the rollback netcode is still on the way. We’ve added a new page and should have an official review and test play up within the following weeks so stay tuned!!

Battle Fantasia Revised Edition

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The classic fighting game title developed by Arc System Works has finally made it’s way to steam in the form a new and improved edition. This updated version of BF includes upgraded resolution and bug fixes that help with infinities.  We’ve added an official page to the PC section where you’ll find additional information on where to purchase the game and more!!


Well that is it for the release round up. I’m sure these titles will keep you occupied for the rest of the summer and beyond!!



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