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Fighters Underground @ SXSW Results!!

Update 12:06pm EDT 03/20/2017- We hoped you enjoyed the amazing conclusion to Fighters Underground!! Here are the top 8 results:
1. PIE|Smug
2. Liquid|Nuckle Du
3. RB|Luffy
4. RB
5. EF|Justin Wong
5. Splyce|Filipino Champ
7. Zowie|GamerBee
7. PG|Punk

For additional results and match breakdowns head to the page.

Back at SXSW with a new name, Twitch Fighters Underground is just about to get started.

Fighters Underground is a Street Fighter V invitational bringing together some of the best players from around the globe to compete for the chance to earn part of a $20,000 pot prize!!

Starting Thrusday, players competed in a round robin tournament each vying to make their way into today’s final Top 8 double elimination bracket.

Here are today’s first round matchups:

PG|Punk vs. EF|Justing Wong

PIE|Smug vs. SPY|Filipino Champ

RB|Luffy vs RB

Liquid|Nuckle Du vs ZW|GamerBee

There is definitely some great character representation for the finale and there is sure to be some down to the wire matches so sit back and enjoy the conclusion to Fighters Underground!!


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