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Fighting EX Layer Now Has An Official Release Date!!

As promised, Arika has officially revealed their target release date for their new fighting game Fighting EX Layer!!. Unveiling a brand new website, the Street Fighter EX creators have revealed that the title will release at the end of June on the 28th!! Fighting EX Layer will come in two flavors Light,retailing @ $39.99,  and Standard, retailing @ $59.99. While the light version will only come with 5 gougi decks compared to the 15 available in the standard, a free trial will rotate two gougi decks per week so light users will have an opportunity to try the new decks which will be available for purchase as DLC. At the moment, the official website includes character, game system, and product information with a web manual and a new section under construction.

Arika also released some new gameplay footage which features some gameplay from Hayate, one of the last characters to be announced for the final launch roster:

Fighting EX Layer will be coming in the form of a digital exclusive on the Playstation 4 console.

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