Fighting Game Definitions

We are in the midst of revamping this section to insure that it is more informative than before so please bear with us. For now, we encourage you to watch Core A Gaming very detailed analysis on why button mashing doesn’t work as it covers many of the definitions we will over in more detail. 

This section will introduce new and old players to terms that were created within the fighting game community. Each definition will be covered by videos that will go in-depth and give examples so that you can have a better understanding of how they work.


Justin Wong, a celebrity among the fighting game community and a master of several fighting games, was asked in an interview how can someone improve their game. I’m not quite sure what he said verbatim but what he said was pretty clear, and that was learn footsies. Footsies are mind games that have basically been put together by the countless masters of fighting games over the years.  Things such as whiff punishing and walking within the range of your opponents hit space and stepping back out are just a few of the nuances that go along with learning footsies.  There has been a guide created by Maj of Sonic hurricane dot com  entitled “Footsies Handbook”. It has a great deal of match videos to give examples and gives you some great detail into the minds of all these legendary players.


Footsies Hand Book

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