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Goku Black, Beerus, And Hit Confirmed For Dragon Ball FighterZ!!

The latest V-Jump magazine has revealed what many have been yearning for since the announcement of Dragon Ball FighterZ and that is Dragon Ball Super characters!!

team dbs

Goku Black, Beerus, and Hit, who have all been introduced in the new Dragon Ball series, will be making an appearance in Dragon Ball FighterZ as playable characters. The scans above show us a few signature move for each character and gives us a few details which have been translated by the fine folks over at Gematsu.

Additional details have been revealed as well about the role that Shenron and the Dragon Balls will play in the game. Players will be able to obtain Dragon Balls by pulling of specific numbers of combos ultimately activating Shenron who will grant a wish that includes reviving a falling teammate, full health,a “sparking” icon, or gradual health recovery.

We have also learned that there will be a few special match introductions and conclusions that will  take place if certain conditions are met during gameplay, something we certainly look forward to seeing.

The excitement seems to be increasing for this title and it will not be long now as Dragon Ball FighterZ releases next month on January 26th 2017!!

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