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Google Reveals More Details For Their New Gaming Platform Stadia!!

Google has finally given us the goods on Stadia, a new game streaming service that will let you run games from the google chrome web browser of any device that is compatible with it. This marks a new period in time for gaming as hardware will no longer be a set back when it comes to the next generation of gaming.

On the surface, the idea of Stadia certainly sounds monumental,but there is still the question of how good this new gaming experience will be. For the first time, Google unveiled the connection specs for how players will be able to enjoy gaming at three distinct resolutions which include frame rates as well:



The initial requirements are not to bad but we do wonder just how sharp these games will look in motion as the highest bitrate rate pales in comparison to what is possible offline with Blu-Ray formats,in particular, getting into the 60’s when it comes to streaming.

As we have already suspected, Stadia is giving you the option of enjoying several newly released titles as a service which means it will require a monthly fee.  Titled Stadia Pro, this premium subscription will cost $9.99 a month to enjoy. For those just interested in purchasing a particular title, Google will have you covered with Stadia Base, though no prices were given at this time and the resolution will only gives you up to 1080p. They are also offering a founders edition which will include a Stadia Controller( $69 retail value), Chromecast Ultra, a 4k streaming TV device($69 retail value), 3 months of Stadia Pro, and an additional game for $129 dollars as a pre-order.

Like before, our biggest concern is the input delay an issue which Google believes they have addressed. One of the confirmed fighting games coming to Stadia was none other than Mortal Kombat 11, though Samurai Shodown also made an appearance during a final teaser trailer.  It will be interesting to see just how well Stadia handles the input delay of these two titles especially given the fact that both run on very different netcodes on top of an already obvious delay with the game streaming from the cloud.

The true test will come when the special controller is finally in the hands of some experienced gamers who will certainly give us the goods on just how well this streaming service performs day one. While there was no release date confirmed as of  yet, Google ensures us Stadia will be available this year and that more information has yet to be revealed.

As always, we will continue to monitor the goings on of this new gaming vehicle throughout the week of E3 and beyond so be sure to stay tuned for additional incoming information.

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