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Horror Fighter Rotten Core Active On Indiegogo!!

Outside of Mortal Kombat, fighting games that boarder on the very thin line of insanity have been in fairly short supply. There is definitely nothing wrong with having a little variety when it comes to the fighting game genre and Team Aiduzzi is on a mission to make this a possibility!!


Rotten Core utilizes a traditional 2D sprite based art style, in some insane and quite interesting ways. Using a licensed M.U.G.E.N engine, Team Aiduzzi hopes to bring Rotten Core to its full potential making it available on multiple platforms.

This latest Indiegogo campaign will be developed for PC. Starting at $15 dollars, backers will have access to an early access Steam version with Digital Art and a backer credit as well.

While initial goals do not include multiplayer online, if Rotten Core can reach a stretch goal of $169,000, GGPO will be added to insure the best online experience available!!

Further details are available on the official Rotten Core Indiegogo page which include character breakdowns, development goals, and backer tiers.

Source: NeoGaf(Castef) Via Indiegogo 


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