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Killer Instinct Is Coming To Steam!!

When Killer Instinct developer Iron Galaxy first announced that they would be bringing season 3 to PC on the Windows 10 operating system, the reaction was certainly a mixed bag of disappointment and excitement.

Though many expected that this title would be making its way to Steam, the popular PC client and digital gaming distribution store, Microsoft had other plans. For some time, Microsoft always had the intention of resurrecting their Games For Windows Live platform, a place where you could also purchase and play digital games. Unfortunately, the platform was wrought with issues and was even close to being disbanded but with the emergence of Xbox One and Windows 10, things changed.

While it did not seem like the direction Microsoft decided to go with Killer Instinct had a great of deal issues, it is certainly apparent that not having this title on Steam may have hurt their potential player base, which is why we believe after a year and a few months since their Windows 10 release, Mircosoft is finally bringing their title to the popular PC platform.

Outside of an official announcement at CEO, there are not many details about what we can expect from this Steam version. In the past, Microsoft games on Steam still required that you signed up using the GFWL application but we are not familiar with what is involved with the Windows 10 version. Steam also supports several operating systems which has many eager PC gamers wondering if the Steam version of this title will support anything other than Windows 10.

The Steam version for Killer Instinct is slated to release this year and we certainly hope that this latest move from Microsoft will help to entice more players to try out this game which features some of the most unique character mechanics that we have seen in a fighting game thus far.

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