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Latest Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Trailer Reveals New V-Triggers!!

At the end of the final North American qualifier for the Capcom Pro Tour, Street Fighter V producer Ono revealed a surprise trailer for the attendees and stream viewers:

The latest trailer reveals what many have already speculated due to the various rumors: A second V-Trigger!! The trailer hints at the new V-Triggers, which will be available for every cast member, being more of a combo extender where as many of the original V-Triggers acted more like a power up.

Our biggest question at the moment is whether or not the new V-Trigger will be available alongside the original ones during the match or will it be a required selection before the start of the match. Fortunately, it will not be too long of a wait before we get an answer as this latest update will be available at the Playstation Experience which is officially just 3 weeks away from today!!


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