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Leaked Data Mine May Have Revealed The Official Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite Roster!!

The leaked list that was revealed just a few weeks ago seemed to fair pretty accurate when it comes to the upcoming roster for Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite but just recently a data mine(no clue as to which system this came from) may have all but confirmed the leaked roster list and more!!!

A twitter user who goes by the name Z E F posted some pictures on the social media site. The pictures show zip files each corresponding to characters and character assists as well. Through this we have confirmed at least more characters that may be apart of roster which you will find in the list below:


  • Hunter
  • Ghost Rider
  • Winter Soldier
  • Grand Master


  • Haggar
  • Dah’Ren Mohran?(Monster Hunter monster)
  • Frank West

This is still all speculative as we have nothing to confirm especially when it comes to playable characters versus guest or assist ones so take this list with a heavy grain of salt. There is still several months to go before we get the definitive launch roster and DLC characters for this title.


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