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More Information About BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Revealed!!

Recently, Famitsu interviewed BlazBlue producer Toshimichi Mori with many of the questions surroundingĀ the upcoming Arc System Works crossover title BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle!!

Translations, courtesy of Guilty Gear Crash Course creator Novriltataki, reveals that BBCTB will be a console only game which is a big deal because traditionally, ASW titles have always started in Arcades before receiving a home port. What is even more interesting about this straight to home port title is that it will be designed from the ground up to be pad friendly.

The story for this cross over title will have no continuity with the BlazBlue series and will also not share any of the system mechanics that are familiar to the series either. The story plans to focus on the cross over between each world that the characters come from.

Apparently, one of the chief reasons for BBCTB’s early reveal had to do with characters. The development team wants to gauge fan responses for which characters they would like to see in the franchise the most though it was also revealed that they do have a set roster for the games launch. At the moment, there are no plans for additional franchises other than the ones already confirmed and this includes the absence of the Guilty Gear series, but they do want to expand this in the future if at all possible. It was also revealed that many of the characters who come from the other franchises are being reworked to make sure they fit well with BlazBlue’s original design.

Surprisingly, MoriĀ revealed that this title was targeted specifically at fans abroad and not in Japan where the BlazBlue franchise has had the most success. Though Mori has stated in previous interviews that Central Fiction would be the final BlazBlue title in the series, there may have been some misunderstanding to this statement. Based on a final statement by Mori, it would seem that the BlazBlue story is not over, just main protagonist Ragna’s saga!!

For those interested in seeing the full breakdown, you can see the details in full starting here on Novriltataki’s twitter feed.



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