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New Character Gameplay Revealed In Latest Dragon Ball FighterZ Trailer!! Target Release Date Revealed!!

As we anticipated, a new Dragon Ball FighterZ trailer has been released introducing new character game play and more:

The latest DBFZ trailer gives us our first looks at Piccolo, Krillin, Trunks,Android 16, and Android 18 in action showing off various gameplay elements for each character. The newest additions Android 18, who seems to have 17 featured in some of her movsets, and Android 16, who looks to be a grappling style character though this has yet to be confirmed, are certainly an exciting addition to the cast and reportedly may be available for the upcoming closed beta.┬áThe end of the trailer also reveals what looks to be scenes from the confirmed story mode which previously hinted that “super warriors fall one by one” as seen in the trailer.

In addition to the new trailer reveal, Namco Bandai has also announced that the target release date for Dragon Ball FighterZ will be February 2018 for all three platforms!! A collectorz edition has also been revealed along side the target release date which we have added below.

There will be a live stream tournament at Gamescom provided by ESL’s Twitch TV channel on 8/25 @ 3pm CEST for those interested in seeing the latest build in action. As a final reminder, registration for DBFZ’s closed beta┬áhas begun with registration taking place on the official Bandai Namco website here(website was down when we checked).



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