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New Fantasy Strike PS4 Trailer Showcases More Characters!! Crowdfunding Now Available!!

Playstation’s YouTube channel just a released a new trailer for the upcoming indie fighting game Fantasy Strike developed by Yomi card game creator Sirlin Games!!

The latest trailer introduces more characters showcasing the special abilities of each cast member while giving us some more insight into the gameplay that will be featured in this title. Fantasy Strike’s main goal is to give players a simplistic control system while still maintaining the significant depth that fighting games have always been known for.

At the moment, Fantasy Strike has officially started a funding campaign on Fig, an investment/crowd funding website. A $20($24 for the Playstation 4 Version) backing will net you a Windows PC and Mac version of the game on Steam while a $29 one will include a steam early access copy of the game when it releases.

The full release of Fantasy Strike aims to offer its backers the popular GGPO netcode for online play, Arcade mode, and a Tutorial mode just to name a few. With 45 days left in the campaign to reach their development goal of $500,000, there is plenty of time to consider supporting this title!!! More details about this and the development goals for this title can be found on the official Fig crowd funding page.


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