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New Indie Fighting Game Bounty Battle Now Available For Crowdfunding!!

A new indie fighting game that has been in development for some time is now officially available for crowdfunding on Bounty Battle, a crossover fighting game that features characters from well known indie games like Owl Boy, Super ComboMan, and Gaucamelee, is a platform style fighting game that allows up to four players during matches to duke it out with!!

Its signature mechanic bounty points gives the player various options that include summoning assists known as minions, and special moves referred to as Bounty Actions. At launch, Battle Bounty is looking to have 30 characters to choose from with plans on adding more as free DLC after launch.

Arcade, Story, and Training modes are also going to be available at launch and it would seem that an Online mode is planned but has yet to officially be announced. Dark Screen Games, developers of Bounty Battle, are asking for $30,000 to finish this titles development which will be available on Steam PC(Win,Mac,Linux), Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Switch platforms!!!

A $20 pledge will net you a digital limited edition of Bounty Battle with the $50 pledge giving you Early Access to the game. With 29 days left in the campaign, Battle Bounty has already reached 58% of their goal!! If you would like to contribute to the development crowdfund and get additional details about this title, click here!!


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