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New Infinity Stone, Characters Confirmed, And More In New MVCI Trailer*Update*!!

Update 7/21/2017 2:06pm EDT- We have added some direct feed game play from the San Diego Comic Con build of MVCI courtesy of Maximilian Dood below. The video, running close to 15min, features match footage with recently confirmed characters Spider Man, Haggar , Frank West, and Nemisis while show casing even more Gamora gameplay and some new Infinity Mind Stone activation as well. Make sure to subscribe to Maximilian Dood as he will be uploading additional match videos!!

Capcom has officially released the new trailer that was unveiled yesterday during a Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite panel at San Diego Comic-Con.

The latest trailer confirms Haggar, Frank West, and Spider Man as playable cast members, all of which were rumored as launch characters, for this upcoming title. Gamora, also gets some official gameplay trailer love as we see her in action using the latest infinity stone: The Mind Stone. We have heard rumbling from a few well known fighting game players who have analyzed the mind stone and from the looks of things the mind stone will act as a command throw possibly allowing you to follow up with a combo after activation.

Unlike Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3, regular throws can not be converted into combos and so the mind stone is looking to take the place of what was. Of course, this is not the only thing that the Mind Stone has to offer. A full activation of the Mind Stone will grant you 4 hyper gauges which means hyper combos are incoming!!

We are definitely feeling more excited about this title with every new reveal as we get closer to the ultimate release date of September 19. We suspect the reveals to ramp up even further next month so be sure to stay tune for more incoming information!!


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