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Omen Of Sorrow Has An Official Release Date!!

Omen Of Sorrow publisher Soedesco has released a new trailer finally revealing the official release date of this original fighting game title:

Developed by AOne Games, Omen Of Sorrow features 12 characters based on popular mythology and lore. Its overall look gives off a Mortal Kombat meets Killer Instinct vibe with bone-crunching combo mechanics and a cast with varying styles of gameplay.

As the trailer revealed, Omen Of Sorrow will come packed with the GGPO rollback, a netcode that has been used in many fighting games including Skullgirls and is popular for its low latency online gameplay. Players will also get to enjoy a single player mode and a local multiplayer experience as well.

Omen Of Sorrow will be coming to the PlayStation 4 on November 6th putting another notch on Sony’s belt when it comes to fighting games for the popular console!!

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