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Sanane And Hayate Revealed As Final Launch Characters For Fighting EX Layer!!

Arika recently revealed the final two launch characters for their upcoming title Fighting EX Layer releasing a brand new trailer featuring the latest cast members and more:

Based on her story, Sanane seems to be some sort of dormant form of Nanase, who is the sister of Hokuto and Kairi, a character who was introduced in Street Fighter EX2. This is both obvious by the weapon that she wields and the very interesting spelling of her name which seems to be rearranged. Hayate, who was also introduced in EX2, looks to be a reincarnation of the original character as the story describes his ongoing mission to expel the demon Garuda.

During the trailer, game producer Akira Nishitani confirmed that Hokuto will, in fact, be a DLC character bringing Fighting EX Layer to an official 13 character selection at launch. There were also a few teasers showing art concepts for Pullum, Vulcano Rosso, Sharon, and a true April fools joke(or not?) involving King Of Fighters XIV producer Yasuyuki Oda and a different Hayate who happens to be a star character of SNK classic Savage Reign.

It would seem Fighting Layer EX is currently in good standing for making the completion process due to take place in May. Nishitani has mentioned that they are hard at work on completing an additional game mode though no details were given at this time.

If everything continues to go well, we should be getting a release date announcement targeted at the end of June. Fighting Layer EX will be exclusive on the Playstation 4.



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