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Square Enix Collective Features Indie Fighting Game!!

Square Enix Collective, a program created to support indie game developers, has recently featured a fighting game that has plans to eventually make its way to a crowdfunding campaign in the future.

Omen Of Sorrow, developed by AOne Games, wants to pit 12 iconic mythological characters in combat similar to what Capcom offered in the mid 90’s with Darkstalkers.

At the moment, you can head to the Square Enix Collective feature page for Omen Of Sorrow and vote if you would back the project or not. If the game gets a good response Square-Enix may support the game once a campaign fund is started.

Omen Of Sorrow is in development for PS4, Xbox One, and PC and has plans to include online play using rollback technology.


Source: r/Fighters(SpiderProvider) via AOne

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