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Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Now Available!!

Celebrating 30 years of Street Fighter, the Anniversary Collection is now available for digital and physical consumption:

The 30th Anniversary Collection features 12 arcade perfect ports starting from the first Street Fighter leading up to Street Fighter 3 Third Strike. Each title comes with its signature arcade bezel and includes an interactive timeline for players to enjoy among other historical goodies.

This also marks the first time the Street Fighter Alpha series is getting the remastering treatment which includes online play for the last entry in the series. The online multiplayer mode gives players access to four of the 12 titles and includes an Arcade Mode request, a special 4 player lobby, Ranked Matchmaking, and Casual Matchmaking. The 4 online titles in question will also get the added benefit of an offline versus mode, and a training mode via a day one update.

We have created an official page for this latest classic remaster which is available on every current gen console to date as well as the PC!!

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