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Street Fighter EX Developers Arika May Have A New Fighting Game!!

The internet is abuzz at the moment in regards to a recent video that surfaced on Arika’s YouTube channel:

Fans of the Street Fighter EX series should be very familiar with the three characters shown in the video sporting a new current gen look along with the memorable system mechanics that the franchise was known for.

Unfortunately one question remains, is this real? A quick look at the description bar found below the video has “This video is from April Fools 2017 of ARIKA Co.,Ltd.” written there clear as day quickly leaving hopes dashed but some additional information found on the facebook page of the company may be in contrary to this fact.

From the information that we gathered on the Face Book post, the video in question is apparently playable at a venue that will be announced via their twitter account. Often times things get lost in translation and it seems that Arika wanted to use what usually is a day of trolling to actually give players something real!!

The Street Fighter EX series was the first to introduce the world of Street Fighter to the 3D environment. At the time, it was unknown to many about Arika’s involvement in the development of the series which introduced us to new characters like main protagonist Kairi, and his sister Hokuto.


Many fans have clamored for the original Street Fighter EX characters to make an appearance in Street Fighter V and even the CFN portal featured a profile for some of the cast members. We will certainly be monitoring this as new information comes in and definitely hope this is the return of the EX series in a new form!!

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