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Them’s Fightin’ Herds Is Officially In Beta!!

Indiegogo backers($40+) recently received beta steam keys for Them’s Fightin’ Herds, a spiritual successor from the same team that developed MLP: Fighting Is Magic.

This crowd funded indie title, which was in development long before their Indiegogo campaign, was officially backed in the fall of 2015. TFH reaching the beta stage is certainly a testament to the amazing team at Mane 6 as they are very much close to reaching their goal of a 18+ month development cycle.

*Previous W.I.P footage*

While it looks like the finish line is not that far away, Mane 6 is very adamant about how crucial the beta is to the completion of this title after addressing rumors of an official release date:

“We’ve just hit Beta, which we’ll be running ’till we’re satisfied with build quality/stability. Once that’s done, we’ll know [a] release date. ’til backer beta’s over, any solid date you see getting thrown around is just fanfic.”

TFM is not your traditional fighting least at first glance you might believe that. The choice to go with animal and creature archetypes may throw some fans of the genre off but if you’re willing to look past the game’s furry cast, you will definitely find the heart of a fantastic fighting game beating within….The game is not bad to look at either.

Using a modified version of the Skull Girls engine, you can clearly see a great amount of detail put into this traditional 2D fighting game. The animations are fluid with characters and back ground stages looking incredibly bright and colorful.

With game modes that will include an online virtual lobby and the highly regarded netcode of GGPO rollback netplay, TFH is certainly poised to be a new fan favorite when it finally releases on Steam!!


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