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Youske and Linne Are Joining BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle In Latest Reveal Trailer!!

As promised, Arc System Works has revealed not just one but two characters who will be apart of the upcoming cross over BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle:

Jin Kisaragi, who was revealed in the first trailer for BBCTB, gets a quick highlight leading into the unveiling of the two newest cast mates, Youske, who comes from Persona 4 Arena, and Linne, who hails from the Under Night In-Birth series.

The trailer seems to reveal a few in-game mechanics as well like cancel assist, which looks to call in a partner during an attack, can extend combos, and costs half of your meter. We also saw what looked to be a team based attack with Jin and Ragna and a super cancel with Linne and Hyde. The end of the trailer teases more information for next month so be sure to check back with us for more information!!


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