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Arc System Works Now Has A New Headquarters In North America!!*Update*

Update 9:25am 11/06/2017- Video game website siliconera is reporting some new information about the North American branch of Arc System Works after an official announcement in Japan.

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle has been confirmed as the first title that will be published under the new branch!! ASW NA will also be in charge of distribution, marketing, promotion, customer support, licensing, and localization. Though we know Arc System Works as a great developer, the company has been publishing their own titles in Japan for a long time.

In mid 2015, we saw the company start publishing their titles on Steam. ASW has also published titles for Under Night In-Birth developer French Bread, and Arcana Hearts 3 developer Examu.

-Original Post-

If you are an Arc System Works fan living in North America,  then you may be excited to know that the popular fighting game developer has officially set up shop here in the states!!

The creation for this new base of operation, located in Torrance, California, has been stated as a place that will give the company better communication between them and the fans ensuring that their voices are heard and the suggestions are applied.

This comes as no surprise to us as the developers latest title BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle has been designed with the hopes of appealing to a wider western audience in their newest IP. Just like us, many are speculating that this may also lead to Arc System Works publishing their own titles here in the states instead of Aksys Games, a publisher who has localized and brought both the Guilty Gear Xrd and BlazBlue Central Fiction titles stateside.

We are glad to see Arc System Works taking a bigger interest in the North American territory as it may ultimately lead to some great changes in the way they present their titles moving forward!!

Source: Destructoid Via Arc System Works


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