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Battle Royale Results!!!

The second Battle Royale has officially come to its end. Here are the results from yesterdays competition!!


1. PachuKOF

2. AirLancer

3. Mario E.

4. Shadow780

5. Dynicksty

5. Liston The Prince

7. Garou Mike

7. Mynus


1. Hugo

2. LazieFreddy

3. Shadow780

4. PAG Rome_Himself


1. Fireblaster

2. Shadow780

3. LazieFreddy

4. Zemo


A full day of King Of Fighters competition awaits as Battle Royale gets underway!!

The signature tournament presented by Secret Society and Dream Cancel will feature three of the most coveted KOF games within the series. The games are as listed below:

The King Of Fighters XIII 

The King Of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match 

The King Of Fighter 98: Ultimate Match Final Edition 

The event will take place at the infamous Next Level Arcade home to Battle Circuit in Brooklyn, Newyork. If you happen to be in the area, stop by, watch some competition, and get some casuals for us. 😉



NYC Furby(Team Sp00ky)


Kick Punch Block



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