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New Indie Fighter Blazing Strike Has A KickStarter!!

A new indie fighting game has been added to the KickStarter crowd funding website and it is a title that we have been keeping an eye on for some time.

Planned for a release on Switch, PC, Mac,And the PlayStation 4, Blazing Strike definitely seems heavily influenced by Street Fighter III as it exhibits a familiar sprite based art style, an admission that developer Rare Breed has revealed in the about section. This traditional 1 vs 1 fighter features a four button normal attack system though it will include the Street Fighter-esque style of 3 different strengths making us curious as to how this will play out.

System mechanics will include a parrying system that will offer an additional counter attack that is based on precision timing. The unique system mechanic called  Rush Trigger is tied to a button and a special meter that will unlock special attacks, rush down pressure, and combos as well.

The initial KickStarter development goal will offer 6 characters, local modes that include arcade, survival, co-op with stretch goals that will add GGPO’s netcode though an online matchmaking mode is still planed if the initial goal is met.

With a development goal of $70,000, Rare Breed is offering a $5 backer pledge that will net you a demo that will include pre-alpha, alpha, and beta versions while a $25 backer pledge will give you the aforementioned demo and a digital copy of the game for the system of your choosing.

The estimated delivery of this title is slated for early next year and we would certainly like to see this game come to it’s full fruition as it definitely has a nostalgic appeal that we are all for. If you are interested in learning more about this project and how you can back it, you can click here to get those details.

We wish Rare Breed the best of luck on this crowdfunding campaign and look forward to adding this game as an official title on our website!


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