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Creators: Wind,DreamZzz,MetalliC,

Compatible Operating Systems: Windows Xp, Windows 7

Connection Type: P2P, Server(Kaillera)

Netcode: Input Delay



Demul is a Dreamcast Emulator. Sega’s final video game console was home to some of the most incredible arcade titles,which ,to this day are still regarded as the best 1:1 conversions from Arcade to Console ports.  Some of the most highly regarded fighting games were home to the Dreamcast and we would be remiss not to add this emulator which has the ability to play online through the Kaillera plugin.




Unlike most emulators, Demul gives you the option of playing both console and arcade versions of their video game titles, and that is not all. You will actually find titles available on this emulator that never saw the light of day on the Dreamcast console!

We’ve provided a Demul emulator that comes with everything you need to start playing online. As usual, we can not provide the roms for these games. It is also important to note that Demul is not your average emulator so you’re going to need a very powerful computer in order to get the games to run(Most games should be running at a constant 60fps)

You can download the repack below and we’ve provided a tutorial to help you install and setup Demul for online play. Unfortunately the netplay is P2P(V0.5.6 only) which requires a willing participant in order to game online so you’ll most likely have to find a community or gaming friends that you can trust.

FGO Repack:

Download V0.5.6 Here

Download V0.5.7 Here


Tested Games

  • Capcom Vs Snk 2 (tested on v0.5.6)
  • Fist Of The North Star( tested on v0.5.7)

Recommended Games

Although we have not tested these games online, we’ve tried running the games and the following titles run at 60fps.

  • Project Justice
  • Power Stone 2
  • Rumble Fish 2(v0.5.7)
  • Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper(v0.5.7)


Installing and Setting Up DEMUL

I created these videos to help people set up DEMUL for online play.

Test Play

We were able to test Capcom Vs Snk 2 and it ran very smoothly. The connection was between 56-57ms(FL–>GA) on a P2P connection although there were a few crashes in between sessions and one desync.

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