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Details For Capcom Pro Tour 2017 Revealed!!

In just a few weeks time, the new season of the Capcom Pro Tour featuring Street Fighter V will begin!

Many have been wondering just what is in store for this years Pro Tour and the official website has finally posted some detailed information about what is to come.

This year’s qualifier for Capcom Cup 2017 is certainly going to be interesting as the rules have changed once again.

Nuckle Du, winner of Capcom Cup 2016, has automatically qualified this year to protect his title but he will still have to compete for seeding at Capcom Cup this year.

As it was announced last year, there will be a final last chance qualifier before Capcom Cup 2017 which will give one individual the final spot at the tournament.

The biggest change this year will be the absence of premier tournament automatic qualifiers. CPT’s ranking system will now determine the final 30 players for the final event this year.

As it was before, players will earn points through the premier,ranking, and Evo events. Ultimately, the top 30 players of the global ranking board can decide who will qualify for Capcom Cup but there is a twist which comes in the form of regional ranking.


Regional ranking has made its return to CPT but things have changed. This time around, the top 7 regional ranked players of the season will be able to compete at their regional finals which will include a last chance qualifier for the 8th spot at the regional are where things become a little interesting.

First, in order to compete in this regional final, you have to be from that region. The regional final will be an automatic qualifier. What does this mean?!

If the player, or players who win these regional final tournaments have not made enough points to put them in the top 30 of the global ranking board, they will still qualify for Capcom Cup 2017. What does that mean?!

This means that the bottom 30 of the global ranking board have the possibility of being knocked out of their chances to compete at Capcom Cup 2017!!

Online ranking events will also be making their return as well increasing the number to four tournaments per region!  The registration cap(originally capped at 256) has been lifted which means anyone will be welcome to compete this year!

The prize pool has also jumped to a total of $600,000 this year part of which will be a $30,000 pot for each regional qualifier.

There are still many more announcements to be made which include the final prize pool for Capcom Cup 2017 and additional qualifying events have yet to be confirmed.

We definitely believe the restructuring of this years CPT will make things easier to follow along and should create a very exciting finale as well…at least one can hope it will.

Source: Capcom Pro Tour


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