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Dream Cancel Cup Teespring Donation Drive Now Available!!

This year has seen a big  increase in pro tour tournaments as game developers and publishers have finally begun to help sponsor more competitions that continue to garner the passion of running a community organized event.

Unfortunately, not every company has seen the light. Never the less, fans of their favorite fighting games titles do whatever they can to gather some support  as a way to keep the competitive fire burning as long as possible. For Dream Cancel, a community website dedicated to fans of The King Of Fighters series, this has become the case.

In February, Dream Cancel unveiled the Journey To Dream Cancel Cup a competitive circuit that would allow players to battle at various tournaments throughout the year to earn seeding points leading into a final tournament that will take place in January 2016 at Winter Showdown 3 in Colorado!!

The Dream Cancel Cup will feature 3 popular KOF titles which includes XIII, 2002 Unlimited Match, and 98 Ultimate Match Final Edition.

Just a week ago, Dream Cancel unveiled their donation drive on website Teespring in hopes of raising funds to make sure the Dream Cancel Cup goes off without a hitch.

I contacted Dream Cancel’s admin Desmond_kof to ask him some questions about the upcoming Dream Cancel Cup and what they hope to accomplish going into next year and beyond.

thec0re3: How are things coming along with Dream Cancel Cup?

Desmond_Kof: Good. Kings Of Co are in talks and negotiations with the venue to host it in their Winter Showdown 3 event.

t3: Will this be apart of a main event at Winter Showdown or by itself and how will that work?

DK: Yeah, the Kof tournaments will be under the Dream Cancel Cup umbrella at their main event Winter Showdown, like an event within the event.

t3: What are the main things you hope to accomplish by raising the funds for Dream Cancel Cup?

DK: To bring out a top ranking Kof player that the community will choose, and provide a pot bonus for the tournaments at the event.

t3: You mentioned going forward that you would like to add more SNK and KOF titles in the future. What other titles would you like to see be a part of the Dream Cancel Cup?

DK: [I am] not sure, maybe Garou or one of the Samurai Showdown titles, we will let the community’s interest decide.

t3: United States has not seen the strongest support when it comes to KOF compared to other countries. Do you hope that Dream Cancel Cup will change that?

DK: I think it will help inspire, motivate, and empower players here to support KOF more both casual and competitive, and for us to practice organizational independence so we don’t have to rely on the validation of people who don’t support KOF.

t3: Is there anything else you would like to add?

DK: Support and play KOF!

The Teespring donation drive will be available until Oct. 21!

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