Published on October 12th, 2023 | by thec0re3


FGO Closing Soon

After 10 years of providing information on fighting games that you can play online, it is with a sad heart that I have to announce the shutting down of Fighting Games Online. It’s a very tough decision to make mostly because so much time and effort has been put into trying to make this site something that would help those in search of connecting with others to play fighting games as painless as possible.

I’m not completely giving up on the thought of returning, the entirety of the website has been backed up just in case the opportunity comes later on. I’ve also taken some time to add some of the posts to the internet archive  with the hopes that at least some remnants of the site will be preserved for those who want to take a look back. I will also be keeping all the social media platforms for the site up as well and still plan to contribute to the YouTube channel from time to time.

It has been both an honor and a pleasure providing the countless amount of information to this site for you to take in. I learned a lot on this journey from the vast knowledge of the fighting game community to understanding what good netcode feels like in fighting games. I may not have been an expert but I did the best I could to be honest in my analysis with my reviews and I certainly hope that I did not steer anyone wrong.

It’s a hard thing to let go of something that has been a part of you for so long but as things have been dormant for a long time with this website, it was inevitable that this decision would have to be made. In closing, I want to just say thank you all for showing a modicum of interest in this site. It is what kept me going for so many years. A special thanks to those who constantly retweeted my posts on twitter over the years it really kept me motivated to keep going.

This site gave me a great deal of purpose and it will always be apart of me. If there is one last thing I want to impart it is this: have fun.


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Founder of Fighting Games Online and self proclaimed "entertainment techie", thec0re3 takes immense enjoyment out of merging his love for video games and technology to educate, create, and participate in something he has enjoyed for more years than he would ever admit to.

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