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FGO Review: King Of Fighters XIII: Steam Edition

As this is the first review for Fighting Games Online I wanted to go over the basic rundown of what I go over.

1. Presentation

Presentation covers backgrounds, characters,  and music as well.


2. Combat System

This goes over the basic,intermediate, and advanced system mechanics that a fighting game offers. I will do my best to go in detail on the offensive and defensive options that the fighting games provides.


3. Online Play

I can tell you how great the game plays, how incredibly inspiring the characters are, and go on about why you must play this game but that is not what you really want to know. This is Fighting Games Online after all so it’s only right I let you know how well this title plays online.  I’ll do my best to go over the options that are available, try my best to give you a feel for how well the game plays at certain latencies, and give you the most honest opinion I can give about my overall experience.


The King of Fighters XIII: Steam Edition was released last month on Steam’s website for digital download.  This version of KOF XIII advertises a “vast improvement in netplay” which would make any previous owner of the console version very skeptical as SNK’s track record hasn’t seemed to meet the approval of those wishing to play this game online. Will these confident claims for better netcode turn out to be another disappoint?!  Take a look at the review and find out.


Check out the The King of Fighters XIII: Steam Edition page for more info.



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