Built on the GGPO application’s architecture, Fightcade is another alternative app that will allow you to play classic fighting games online.  Unlike GGPO and Supercade, Fightcade does not require you to forward any ports!! It is also available for different operating systems.

Fightcade is still very early in development(beta) so you may run into bugs and lag issues but the programmer is constantly updating the application with improvements.

*This is just an application and does not provide any games(roms) for the system.*

Update- Certain games are now available for purchase and compatible with the Fightcade application. You will find links to those games below. We’ve provided a tutorial to help you set up those games. 


Vampire Savior Discord

Dream Cancel Discord

Fightcade Discord

Playable Games:

3 count bout
aggressors of dark kombat
art of fighting
art of fighting 2
art of fighting 3 – the path of the warrior
bang bead
baseball stars 2
battle flip shot
breakers revenge
capcom sports club
crouching tiger hidden dragon
double dragon
fatal fury – king of fighters
fatal fury 2
fatal fury 3
fatal fury special
fight fever
galaxy fight – universal warriors
garou – mark of the wolves
goal! goal! goal!
hyper street fighter 2: the anniversary edition
jojo’s bizarre adventure
jojo’s venture
kabuki klash – far east of eden
karnovs revenge
king of fighters 94
king of fighters 96
king of fighters 97
king of fighters 98
king of fighters 2000
king of fighters 2002
king of fighters special edition 2004
king of the monsters(not sold separately)
king of the monsters 2 – the next thing
kizuna encounter – super tag battle
last blade
last blade 2
league bowling
magical drop ii
magical drop iii
marvel super heroes
marvel super heroes vs street fighter
marvel vs capcom clash of super heroes
money puzzle exchanger
neo bomberman
neo turf masters
neo-geo cup ’98 – the road to victory
ninja masters haoh ninpo cho
panic bomber
pleasure goal – 5 on 5 mini soccer
power instinct matrimeele
power spikes 2
puzz loop 2
puzzle bobble
puzzle bobble 2
puzzle uo poko
rage of the dragons
real bout fatal fury
real bout fatal fury 2 – the newcomers
real bout fatal fury special
red earth
ring of destruction – slammasters ii
samurai shodown
samurai shodown ii
samurai shodown iii
samurai shodown iv – amakusa’s revenge
samurai shodown v
samurai shodown v special
saturday night slam masters
savage reign
street fighter alpha – warriors’ dreams
street fighter alpha 2
street fighter alpha 3
street fighter ii – the world warrior
street fighter ii – champion edition
street fighter ii – champion edition hack kouryu
street fighter ii – hyper fighting
street fighter iii 2nd impact
street fighter iii 3rd strike
street fighter iii new generation
street fighter zero 2 alpha
street hoop
super dodge ball
super gem fighter mini mix
super puzzle fighter 2 turbo
super sidekicks
super sidekicks 2 – the world championship
super sidekicks 3 – the next glory
super street fighter ii x – grand master challenge
svc chaos – snk vs capcom plus
tecmo world soccer ’96
ultimate 11 – snk football championship
twinklestar sprites
vampire – the night warriors
vampire hunter – darkstalkers revenge
vampire hunter 2 – darkstalkers revenge
vampire savior – the lord of vampire
vampire savior 2 – the lord of vampire
voltage fighter gowcaizer
waku waku 7
windjammers flying disc game
world heroes
world heroes 2
world heroes 2 jet
world heroes perfect
x-men – children of the atom
x-men vs street fighter


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