• Official Website:
  • Developed by: Pau Oliva, Jordi Ros, Cesar Botana, Jorge Fuentes
  • Available On: Windows OS, MacOSx, Linux Os
  • Netcode: Roll Back

Fightcade has become a monolith for classic fighting games. It has managed to integrate several popular emulators which include Final Burn Neo(Arcade,SG,TG16,MSX,NES,SMS), Snes9x(Super Nintendo), and just recently Flycast(Sega Dreamcast, Naomi, Atomiswave) providing matchmaking and a search engine for the over 1,000+ classic games that can potentially lay at your finger tips!



Vampire Savior Discord

Dream Cancel Discord

Fightcade Discord

King Of Fighters XI Discord

Capcom Vs Snk 2 Discord


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