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Fighting EX Layer Beta Test For Update 1.3.0 On Steam!!

Fighting EX Layer developer Arika wants to test their upcoming update version 1.3.0 on Steam and are looking for players who would like to participate! Update version 1.3.0, scheduled to release sometime in mid July, will add DLC character Area, and spectator mode to the title.

To join in on this Beta test, you will have to have already purchased Fighting EX Layer, which is on sale at the moment for $20. Once the game is in your library, you can follow the instructions provided by Arika:

Beta version introduction 1)
Launch Steam and select a property(properties) from fighting EX LAYER from the list of games.

Introduction of beta version 2)
Select the beta tag in the property and put (in) the password.


Introduction of beta version 3)
Once you’ve entered it, check the code.

Introduction of beta version 4)
tag to the beta version and install it from the game list.

To help dispel any confusion, we’ve added some pictures below just to give you a map of how you set up the beta. Unfortunately, we do not own Fighting EX Layer so we have to rely on a different fighting game to give you an idea of how this works:



Fighting EX Layer is now available on PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam.

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