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Fighting EX Layer Has Permanently Dropped In Price!!

Arika, publisher of Fighting EX Layer has officially dropped the price for their latest fighting game title on both the PlayStation Store and Steam platform!! On the PlayStation store, the light version has completely been dropped with the standard version taking its place at the $39.99 MSRP.

Fighting EX Layer brings back characters and mechanics from the original Street Fighter EX series while adding a new gameplay feature known as the Gougi System. Players can choose from 15 different decks which give players an added effect after a certain requirement is met during a match. This new system certainly enhances the gameplay in ways that you may have never experienced in a fighting game and so we certainly recommend you pick this up if you are in search of a new fighting game to sink your teeth into.

You can learn more about the development of this game, its producer, and more below in our first look. We also have an official page which we have updated with purchasing information and additional details.

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