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Fighting EX Layer Now Available On Steam!!

Arika’s new fighting game has officially made it to a new platform on the PC via Steam:

Fighting EX Layer is basically a reboot of the Street Fighter EX series featuring all of the original cast members from the first title. Many of the original mechanics from the EX series also make their return while a new system known as Gougi invites an incredible amount of strategy and insane gameplay to the title.

The steam version offers the standard version at a much lower price than its original PS4 counterpart and is on sale at the moment for $29.59. We have updated the original page with the Steam purchasing information. The PlayStation 4 version will be receiving an update today that includes balances changes, additional languages, and game fixes just to name a few.

For those looking for a dedicated community, we suggest going to this discord channel as it may make it much easier to find matches and advice on this latest offering.

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